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Smart move?

I have returned from my honeymoon in Cancun, and the first thing that pops up on my screen is the the Reds have signed Cuban ace Aroldis Chapman. Is this the Smart thing to do? Wasn't there anyone else we could of spent the money on? Will he be big league ready this season? There are so many questions about this deal, and none will be answered until at least march.

Walt signed Chapman to a six-year 30 million dollar deal. Is it worth it, all the money we saved from restructuring Scott Rolens' contract was spent on an unproven kid, younger than myself, instead of someone proven and able to step right in and play immediately. I think we should of used the saving a bit more wisely. I am not knocking the kid, but the front office has too much funds tied up in bad contracts. For instance 12 million a year for Harang, he has only 12 wins in two seasons. The overspending on Taveras and I believe four Mil on Mike Lincoln, who isn't even assured of playing again. Now to go out and spend this kind of cash on a kid who could be the next Randy Johnson or the next Hideki Irabu, time will tell.

I can't help thinking who is still available we could of found for even half the cost. Jarrod Washburn comes to mind, remember how well he did to begin the year last season, Joel Pineiro, who had the best season of his career, or even a solidified bat for the infield, as in Orlando Cabrera. These guys could of been purchased at the right price and still we may of had enough room for Jonny Gomes, who would depress me if he signed somewhere else.

Well my thoughts are brought to you by the humble folks at Taco Bell, without the tasty crunchwrap supreme you would not have my rants and raves about the Reds. Please join me every week for more opinions from a lifelong fan who is tired of being tortured by empty promises.

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