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Empty Heads Lead to Empty Bases

Forget about the Reds starting pitching woes and the lack of production at the plate.  What was wrong with their heads today?  In the third, Cueto made a horrible baserunning error after Drew Stubbs hustled out an infield hit.  Phillips got caught between first and second base in the fourth inning, and Jonny Gomes repeated the blunder in the fifth.  Both of which were inning-ending plays.  On top of those bonehead plays, Drew Stubbs caught a 2nd out flyball, and proceeded to toss the ball into the stands.  Completely absurd.  I don't have to tell you that the Padres shut the Reds out today by a final score of 5-0.

Dusty Baker was upset enough to not speak with media after the game, and rightfully so.  Shortly after Dusty addressed the problem of strikeouts (Dickerson had 4 last night), the Reds succumb to no less than seven strikeouts against San Diego pitching.  There are far too many called strikes.  Too many bad pitches. Too many mental blunders.  Add it all up and you get a 7-11 record and a lot of question marks.

With a team like this, we have to look at the positives.  Or rather, "positive," not plural.  The bullpen again looked quite good in a failed effort against San Diego.  Daniel Ray Herrara pitched two great innings, retiring six straight batters, and Mike Lincoln retired the final three batters of the game.

It could be worse.  Baltimore just lost to the Red Sox to fall to 2-16 on the year.  What the Reds need to do is get back to basics.  Get back to playing small ball.  Take some extra BP.  I don't really have any advice.  I guess that's why Dusty Baker makes so much money.  The one thing they need to avoid right now is a sweep by the Padres.  A win is the only cure.

On a side note, you may notice that when referring to the Reds, I use the term, "they."  I find nothing more annoying than when writers refer to their favorite sports team as "we."  Such as: "We won."  "We need to get more hits."  "Our staring pitching is great."  You didn't do anything; you just watched.  Stop calling professional sports teams "we" when you are only a spectator.

     -Mike Zimmerman

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