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Harang gets knocked around...yet again!

By: Josh Ramsey

Before we get started let me clear the air about something…I have been a supporter of Aaron Harang since his first full season with Cincinnati. For four years we watched him improve and blossom into a legit number one…we watched him actually receive votes for the Cy Young (granted not many, but he did receive them)…and now we are watching his demise unfolding just as suddenly as his rise to the top. I supported Harang the last two seasons through “supposed” injuries and decline, and was optimistic about the start of this year…expecting a turnaround. But, at some point we have to give into reality…and the reality is as the title of this rant states: “Harang gets knocked around…yet again!”

Facts are facts and stats are stats…they don’t change. No matter how hard you study Harang’s current 8.31 ERA and .322 BAA you cannot find the positive. Any person who says that they can (i.e. Dusty Baker) is a fool. At what point do we decide that the 6-17 record in 2008, that the 6-14 record in 2009, and that the 0-3 start in 2010 all accumulates to a 26% winning percentage and is trying to tell us something? At what point do we take the facts and the stats and decipher the logic behind them and realize that they are all saying…”it’s time to make a change”.

Now, I am not suggesting we boot Harang to the curb. Unlike many I believe that he can still be a great contributor…in the future…once he gets things figured out again which I believe he will when given the opportunity. But, that opportunity will only come around once Dusty stops relying on him as an ace. He’s not an ace anymore. I am going to say it…he needs to pitch out of relief for a while. Plain and simple he needs a change and he needs to be relieved of the pressure that comes with being the number one starter. You’re not going to trade him and you can’t send him down (which I wouldn’t want to do anyway). In the mean time Cincy can bump everyone in the rotation up and make room to try out another one of the young guns in Travis Wood or Aroldis Chapman. I mean…I would rather roll the dice with a young prospect over that 26% winning percentage that comes with Harang over the past two plus years.

Wednesday night’s 14-6 loss to the Dodgers that was lead by Harang’s 7 runs allowed in 5 2/3 innings has become an unfavorable trend. I like the guy…he does a ton for the community…he’s a gamer…when he’s on he is fun to watch…and I hope that he can right the ship. But, hope doesn’t win games…being a gamer doesn’t win games…and being a likable guy doesn’t win games. Remember folks; Facts are facts and stats are stats and Harang gets knocked around…yet again!


  1. I completely agree with you. But Dusty Baker and Reds management must try to find positives because Harang is a huge investment. If you had invested tens of millions of dollars into something, wouldn't you try everything possible to make it work? Unfortunately, I do agree that a move to the bullpen is the only real choice, unless the Reds are content with allowing him to continue on his path. What really bothers me is that Harang blamed this on "luck" a few days ago, which leads me to believe that he doesn't think anything is wrong and is doing nothing to correct it.

  2. I think that finding the positive has become over's a way to step around discussing the true issue. Lou Pinella had zero issue stating that Zambrano was going to the pen...and his only struggles have come early this season. Sometimes a mananger just needs to actually manage...and that often means having the guts to hurt someone's feelings. I am totally with you on the "bad luck" comment...just be accountable for the stats you put up.