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Reds Lose 10-4 at Home: Let's Assess This Mess

Before I get to the game, I'd like to comment on Mr. Red, the Red's mascot.  I remember the old Mr. Red (seen on the left.)  I don't care for the new Mr. Red.  Is it just me, or do his eyes, with the white outer layer, make him look constantly cracked out?  He's creepy.  And what's with the curly mustache?  Is he making meatballs late at night after a crack binge?  Bring back the old Mr. Red.  Please.  On to the game.

I must be a glutton for punishment.  I actually sat and watched all nine innings of this car wreck.  My personal favorite of the starting pitchers, Bronson Arroyo, pitched like Aaron Harang tonight.  Not pretty.  His breaking balls didn't break, and his fastballs were lackluster.  He may as well have set up a tee for the streaking Padres.  Arroyo gave up 8 earned runs on 8 hits in only three innings.  Not exactly a quality start.

Bring in Micah Owings, who almost immediately surrendered a grand slam to Gonzalez.  Two of those runs were still Arroyo's responsibility.  Granted, Owings didn't come into the best situation: down 6 runs and bases loaded with no outs in the 4th.  It was almost expected that he would give up a run or two, but a grand slam was the nail in the coffin for the Reds.  Owings looked phenomenal after that, but that was a moot point.

The offense was no better tonight.  Held hitless through the first five innings doesn't make for much to write about.  Their only baserunner through the first five was Joey Votto, who reached twice on two walks.  The offense did seem to get a spark late in the game, but still left too many men on base.  The problem was that they didn't start hitting until getting two outs, which leaves little room for error.

The most disappointing offensive player tonight was Chris Dickerson, the Reds new leadoff batter.  Dickerson struck out four times in five at-bats tonight.  Not exactly what you'd like to see from your leadoff batter.  The Reds leadoff spot has been a Bermuda Triangle for hitters.  First Drew Stubbs, and now Dickerson.  Who's next?  I say Paul Janish.

Janish consistently impresses me, and the only problem is the Reds don't have a spot for him in the infield.  Rolen is batting well right now, and has been making some great plays at third.  Cabrera has driven in too many runs to warrant putting Janish in his place.  Obviously, Philips can't be taken out, and Votto is putting up great numbers in the number 3 spot.  The only option is to put Janish in the outfield, maybe in place of Dickerson or Stubbs.

That's all well and good, but the big problem here is pitching.  The only good, consistent starter this season has been Mike Leake, and let's hope this talented rookie can continue, because the Reds need him in the middle of all these losers.  (I'm not using that as an insult, but as a fact.  None of them besides Leake have gotten a win = losers.)

Let's see how these guys can bounce back.

    - Mike Zimmerman


  1. Janish in the outfield? Come on now...lets be sensible here. Janish has a true gold glove caliber glove at SS and lets keep it in the infield. We all know that after Janish is given a good sample of ABs then his AVG will settle into the .240-.250 range...he has no power and no RBI potential...he is slow and won't steal you any bases and has never been proven to be a guy to score many runs. This is not an answer to our offensive woes nor is Janish going to produce enough to warrant being given an OF spot.

  2. I agree. I was just thinking out loud. My only point was that the Reds need to find a way to get the guys who are producing at the plate right NOW some more ABs. They just simply aren't getting enough baserunners. And forget stealing bases; the Reds need people on base before worrying about stealing. Drew Stubbs is fast as hell, but rarely gets hits, so what does his speed matter?

  3. Stubbs is not the answer at leadoff...this is for sure. I believe he needs to be in the 7 or 8 spot. Speed was in reference to speed in the outfield and the ability to cover ground