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Something to Ponder...3 Positives and 3 Negatives

By Josh Ramsey


As the first month of the Major League Season comes to an end; let us roll out three positives and three negatives to sum up our current status. The Reds stand at 9-11 as we speak and with three games remaining in the month…there have been ups…there have been downs…but quite frankly far more downs than ups. Can we be honest with ourselves and say that we are lucky to not look like the Orioles right now…sitting with only four wins…and four only because they somehow mustered enough to steal a win from the Yankees last night. But somehow (and please tell me if you know how) they still stand a very respectable chance at finishing the month within a game of .500. I guess that I will take it though…for now anyway…

Let’s take a look at those “3 Negatives” first…that way we can finish…hopefully…somehow…on a positive. Here they are:

1. 1. Aaron Harang…how could you not see this one coming? He did give up only 2 ER in 6 IP last night…but, it was Houston…who is last in runs scored…who is second to last in Team BA…oh, and did I mention they did muster 8 hits in those 6 innings? Point here being; stats are stats and facts are facts and Harang gets knocked around…yet again! (If this doesn’t make sense to you then you should check out my article from last Wed regarding our Mr. Harang)

2. 2. The Offense…The offense has begun to show some signs of life…but, that is just it…as soon as it shows signs it always seems to disappear again. We have talented hitters…veteran and young…but we have to and I mean we have to (let me say that again) and I mean have to manage them properly! Why oh why Dusty do you think that there is this alternate universe in managing…I mean, logic does tell us that we want players who combine for a sub .315 OBP to be batting directly in front of our best run producer…it also tells us that we want a prototypical two or six hole hitter to be batting cleanup…doesn’t it? Wait…I must have confused earth and human logic with that of Dusty’s alternate universe in managing. Come on!

3. 3. Fundamentals…as much as I would like to list the pitching staff as a whole here…I won’t because the lack of fundamentals in such a young team is alarming and hideous! This in itself should tell you what we have in a manager…you have all of these young kids who are eager to make their place in the league and their glorious leader finds a way to de-motivate them, and steal that fire that should still be there when you have yet to prove that you belong! He can’t even hold a rookie accountable for their actions. Get control of your team Dusty…No no, let me correct myself…get control of your frat house Dusty!

Wow…Ok, now I feel a bit better…it feels good to get a few things off of my chest…so, let us move onto the “3 Positives”. Like I said before…we are going to end this thing on a positive. Here they are:

1. 1. Jay Bruce…I know some of you are saying; “What! Now I know he has lost his mind”…but, let us digress for a minute. Bruce is only 23 years old and he is in his third season. For those who actually watch the games and get a chance to see Bruce at the plate have to be excited. The guy hits more solid line drive outs than anyone I have seen in a long time on a Reds roster…sooner or later those balls are going to begin finding gaps. BTW…in Bruce’s last 8 games he has raised his BA by nearly 100 points…his stats look like this: 8 Games, .370 AVG, 3 HR, 2 2B, 1 3B, 11 R. It’s coming ladies and gents…and it is going to be fun to watch.

2. 2. Mike Leake…Wow! What a great story. Everyone was focused on Aroldis Chapman (for good reason) and failed to notice just how seriously good Leake was. I was pulling for him the entire spring (over Chapman)…he is a pitcher thru and thru. I expect Leake to finish the season with 140-160 innings pitched and an ERA right around 4.00…not bad for your number 5 starter is it! But, it’s the future that this kid holds that is most impressive…scouts love him…catchers love him…and so will all of Cincinnati soon enough.

3. 3. 9 Wins and 11 loses…but how can this be a positive? It tells you the kind of talent and opportunities that we have. Just look at it this way…if you had only seen a couple of games all year you would wonder how in the hell this team isn’t 4-16…it’s talent...talent to overcome the stupid mistakes and boneheaded plays and decisions that occur on a daily basis. Just imagine where we will be when it clicks in the players heads (and the frigin’ manager’s head)…just imagine those nights when our team actually puts a ball in play to move a runner over…wow…what a night that will be. So there is a positive in 9-11…we just need to correct the negatives that surround it so we can see it more clearly…that all…is that too much to ask…


  1. keep it coming Mr. Ramsey! i feel like you know what i am thinking!

  2. dude we are still only one month in chill out! 9 wins ok< we can do better yes i know this and we will! go reds!