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A Win is a Win

The Reds won today.  If they win Tuesday, then win Wednesday, that's called a streak.  Taking a little something from a classic baseball flick, Major League.

Homer Bailey had a pretty good start, chalking up 8 Ks in 6 innings.  Unfortunately, he did allow 4 earned runs, and didn't get the win.  Overall, he looked much better than his first 3 games of the season.  He was finding his spots, getting a lot of first pitch strikes, and getting his control back.  He made enough mistakes to allow 4 earned runs, but we did see him pitching more like he did at the end of last season.  Now, he just needs to turn the corner.  He, like the entire Reds club, has taken a step forward.  Let's hope they can avoid what they've been doing this year and not take two steps back.

Offensively, the Reds also looked better.  Not good yet, but better.  I could've predicted that Scott Rolen would have had a good game.  I took him out of my fantasy baseball starting lineup, which sealed the deal for a good game from him.  Rolen went two for three with a walk, home run, and three runs scored.

Ramon Hernandez also seemed to break out of his funk, going two for four with two crucial RBIs.  The weak spot again was the beginning of the order.  Stubbs and Cabrera both put up goose eggs in the hit column.  Not great for the number one and two spot.  They were the only two batters (besides Bailey) to without a hit.  Cabrera has been pretty clutch this year, but Stubbs will have to improve in that leadoff spot for the Reds to have any consistent success.

All in all though, the Reds won today, and avoided a sweep by the red hot Padres.  Let's just hope they don't take another two steps back now.

     -Mike Zimmerman

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