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Let's Bruce things up a bit...

By Josh Ramsey

May 1, 2010

I listed Bruce as one of my 3 positives this past Wednesday…and he has continued to shine in the games since. Let’s not forget that the Reds offense as a whole has begun to take a liking to this new lineup shakeup. Do you think Dusty is reading my articles…I mean…his lineups of late have looked nearly identical to the ones that I posted just a week ago…and he made these changes immediately following my post. Have you looked at the won/loss record since the changes? Have you looked at Bruce’s productivity? Have you looked at the overall offensive productivity? Now, I am not saying that I am a genius (though I am)…but rather that I laid out lineups that were based on simple logic and common sense…lineups that took Dusty years to figure out. But let’s digress for a moment…after all…this article is about Jay Bruce.

Isn’t Bruce fun to watch when he is going well? People always said that Ken Griffey Jr. had the sweetest swing…it was this…thing of beauty…well, Griffey said the same thing about Bruce’s swing. When the ball leaves Bruce’s bat it does so angry…it’s on a mission…a mission to damage everything that it comes into contact with…including the fielder glove. Bruce is special and it is all coming together in front of our eyes. The sound of the bat making contact with the ball is just…different…you notice it. Jay Bruce has stayed true to what got him promoted and has not changed or altered his swing since getting to the bigs…he has not and will not turn into the likes of Austin Kearns…remember him. Kearns had a break though rookie campaign and then figured he needed to hit more homeruns…then boom…end of promising career. Bruce is no Kearns…he is the real deal…he is talent in a bottle…he is the man with that sweet swing…so “let’s Bruce things up a bit”!

Where do I think Bruce ends the year…well let’s see; maybe a .280ish BA, 35HR, 95R, 95RBI. Expect only increased performances in the years to come. Bruce is arriving and primed for a breakthrough year…this year.

This year’s theme should be; “Let’s Bruce things up a bit”. ..because Bruce’s bat is going to bring the offense to new levels. With Bruce’s emerging bat in the five hole Cincinnati will have a very very solid middle with Votto, Rolen , and Bruce. If Phillips remains in the two hole and they can have some semblance of a leadoff man then there is no reason that the runs shouldn’t come. Don’t get me wrong here…I am not saying that they are the next Big Red Machine but they will improve….vastly! After all…when you are at the bottom the only place to move is up.

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